A Mad Men Style Holiday Soiree at Bell Works


We were thrilled to work with   NPZ Style + Décor  for the Bell Works Mad Men Style Holiday Soiree! 

And what a space that Bell Works inhabits! The entire campus of the famed "Bell Labs" is on it's way to becoming the hub of innovation it once was, with an added element of culture AND community.  You can literally feel the energy when you walk in the main space and proceed into the atrium. It was designed by one of the greatest architects of the 20th century, Eero Saarinen. Bell Works has that mid-century futurism, clean lines, and a dynamic feel. The offices are built around the bright and airy atrium that literally brings the outdoor environment in.  The space is truly breathtaking. It beautifully captures the essence of an era that was fueled by technology, futurism, and optimism. The Mad Men theme fit perfect for this space. We were thrilled to bring our Mid-Century influenced Photo-box. Of course this also fit in perfectly! 

Enjoy the photos below! 

And check out Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ