Jeff Koon Knows How To PARTY

Pop Shop Phootbooth just worked Jeff Koons staff party in Pennsylvania. Did we have fun? Heck Yeah we did! Living on a sweet farm with tons of land makes it easy to have your staff, family and friends come and enjoy the great out doors. Jeff's party had a rock climbing wall, oversized waterslide, mechanical bull, a rodeo, dance floor, carnival attractions and a full bar with awesome eats. I really shouldn't say this but I think Jeffs party beats Moms backyard bbq , sorry Mom. It ended up raining which in most cases would be a total bummer at an event but Jeff Koons crew moving into the newly renivated bar filled with booze food and Pop Shop Photobooth. Long story short, we had a blast and would do it all over if we could.....I hope you hear that Jeff. 

Chris ShashatyComment