Saturday afternoon at The Showroom Cinema

This past Saturday, we had a fantastic afternoon at The Showroom Cinema in our hometown of Asbury Park.

Asbury Park is pretty much a cultural hub so we are always super excited to team up with our neighbors. 

In case you haven't been to The Showroom, please go. You don't have to travel to NYC or Philly to see great films. They regularly show indie arthouse films, documentaries, and Oscar nominated films. 

This week began The Showroom's showing of Oscar Nominated Shorts in both live action and animation categories. Viewers arrived to take a photo and after the showing receive a ballot where they can enter their selection for the Short they believe will win in each categor

The Showroom is a fantastic cinema with 3 screens, each screening room is intimate with cozy seats & amazing sound quality. 

The goal of the Showroom is the showcase great storytelling. Story-tellers, themselves owners, Michael Sodano and Nancy Sabino are documentary filmmakers and welcome all variations of storytelling at the Showroom. From live performances like standup & poetry slams, to Q&As with award winning actors, authors, and writers, local film festivals, and competitions like the AP in 3.  The Showroom is our go-to spot for an enriching cultural experience displaying the best of storytelling and culture right in our backyard. Literally!

Thanks again for having us!!!!

Thanks again for having us!!!!

Sara McDermottComment