The Angello Wedding at Pat's 30 Acres

This fall, we had the absolute pleasure to set up POP SHOP at Meghan and Eric Angello's awesome wedding at Pat's 30 Acres in Wall Township. 

Pat's 30 Acres is a super cool local venue.  It's secluded and low key and an absolute hidden gem. You have to really be looking when you see the sign for Pat's on a long winding tree lined road. All of sudden, a little white sign will point you in the right direction. Cruise, or "off road" down a bumpy un paved road and you'll come to a grassy clearing. There's a play ground, and tons of space for lawn games like horse shoes, and corn hole along with picture-esque glassy pond lined with wild flowers. Pat's has a covered, open air picnic area complete with long wooden summer camp style tables,  two bars, a "mess-hall" style outdoor kitchen and a huge space for doing what ever you'd like! In Eric and Meghan's case, a dance floor for boogie-ing down! 

 We had a blast at Eric and Meghan's wedding. Eric and Meg are so fun and easy going, and let absolutely NOTHING rain on their party/parade not even Hurricane Joaquin!!! 

Here on the East Coast, we've been very lucky to have had an extra long "local summer".  So naturally, we expected to have a sunny fall day in the high 70s as it had been most of September and into October. Nope, not this day. Wind, rain, 40 degree weather, and a wedding that could not be stopped. We set up our booth indoors, threw up a rustic back drop, a personalized burlap flag sign with the Bride and Groom's last name, some glowy- ball lights, and let the fun begin. The guests arrived fully equipped with rain coats, scarves, and boots, hats. Everyone had a blast taking pictures in the photo booth, dancing, and eating the delicious food provided by Pat's. Not one drop of rain fell on this party as the picnic area is completely covered. Our kookie props were a hit. We're confident to assume that everyone got a kick out of our shake weight and the various head gear and signs we have to offer as props. 

The Angello wedding was a treat to be a part of. The wind and rain eventually died down but the party definitely roared well into the night.



Check out Pat's 30 Acres!