We started Pop Shop Photo Booth out of love. 

No, not the mushy-gushy kind of love.

This business was born out of a love of breaking away from the norm. A love of creating an experience unlike any other. 

We love hunting for unique treasures, building sets, getting into character all the while keeping things "interesting" & of course, entertaining. 

We love seeing people laugh among family and friends. 

We love witnessing the moment of; this is awesome. 


Our names are Chris and Sara. 



Chris is a professional photographer/videographer & thrill seeker.  Sara is an event manager and has experience in hospitality & entertainment. 

They come together to create a unique photo experience with the goal of wow-ing your guests all the while providing the highest caliber of service for you. 
You'll find we provide a boutique style service with commitment to your event from start to finish.

We'll tie your personality and the event esthetic into the finer details of our service so no two events are exactly the same. We want to provide a fun and unique experience for you and your guests that we know will both impress but also bring great joy overtime.
They say a photo is worth a thousand words. So, take a photo with us and cherish it for thousands of words or more because a happy memory goes beyond the booth.